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WATERCOLOR™ Nomad Paint Set


$19.99 $25.00

We are the designers of this palette and by buying on our site, you save up to 40% and get the best quality compared to any other website selling copies of our palette. 
The pigmentation and quality of our watercolor is exceptional.
We have designed this pack so that you can start a new hobby with all the essentials.
Plus we offer 3-5 day delivery from our warehouse in Chicago.

Our Watercolor paint set is designed so you can take it anywhere.

there is a foam pad attached to the palette. Any excess color can be wiped off there before moving to the next color.

This a great idea for students who will be distance learning this coming school year. 

It is great for abstract, scenery, wall art, landscape and fine portrait paintings! That's because our watercolour paint set is versatile enough to provide you with the perfect colourblending abilities that will work for a variety of different subjects and environments, which means that you'll increase in your skills as an artist in no time!

Suitable for Children and adults as well.

We have four models available. 70% of our lovely customers choose the 42 colors set.


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