Colour water



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What included in this kit : 

  1. 18, 25, 33 or 42 colors watercolor paint set
  2. A5 Watercolor pad
  3. 15 pcs watercolor paint brushes
  4. Ebook Introduction to watercolor painting
  • Each set comes with a free smart refillable watercolor brush & painter's Sponge.
  • Available in 18, 25, 33, 42 color palette.
  • Limited Supply, Not Sold in Stores.
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Our Watercolor paint set is designed so you can take it anywhere in your house.


  • It doesn't soil. So you can leave your children unsupervised.

  • The stains can easily be cleaned with water.

  • No more tubes of gouache lying around the house.

  • All the essentials are in one place.


there is a foam pad attached to the palette. Any excess color can be wiped off there before moving to the next color.

This a great palette to be taken on a trip with your kids for example so they can keep busy with creative activities.

Suitable for Children and adults as well.

  • Ebook Introduction to watercolor painting

Get our best selling eBook "Introduction to WaterColour Painting" and learn the basics of Watercolour FOR FREE when ordering. A download link will be displayed after checkout page.